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Austria Happy Cow Cream Cheese 奥地利全脂乳酪 140 gm
RM 7.90 /1tube
Austria Happy Cow Low Fat Cheese 奥地利低脂乳酪 140 gm
RM 7.90 /1tube
France Toinou Camembert Soft Cheese 法国Toinou牌康門貝爾软白黴软奶酪 125 gm
RM 19.80 /1pcs
France Toinou Brie Soft Cheese 法国布利白黴软奶酪 125 gm
RM 19.80 /1pcs
Denmark Brie Cheese 125gm
RM 12.80 /1pcs
Denmark Camembert Cheese 125gm
RM 12.80 /1pcs
Austria Happy Cow Emmental cheese Block 奥地利艾曼塔乳酪(有洞) 250 gm
RM 19.00 /1pkt
France Port Salut Traditional France Cheese 法国传统巴氏半软成熟干奶酪 160 gm
RM 16.00 /1pcs
Topping with Mozzarella 150gm 150gm
RM 8.80 /1pkt
Topping with cheddar 150gm
RM 8.80 /1pkt
New Zealand Dairyworks Cheddar Natural Slices 纽西兰车达奶酪片 (适用于做汉堡) 200 gm
RM 16.00 /1pkt
New Zealand Pamesan Cheese 新西兰帕尔马干酪 (适用于沙拉,意大利面) 200gm
RM 21.00 /1pkt
Australia Chris Tzatziki 澳洲希腊式酸奶黄瓜酱 200 gm
RM 17.80 /1tub
Australia Chris avocado Dip 澳洲牛油果酱 200 gm
RM 17.80 /1tub
Australia Chris Three Olive 澳洲橄榄果酱 200 gm
RM 17.80 /1Tub
Australia Lemnos Apricot & Almond fruit cheese 澳洲杏仁籽和杏仁果肉芝士 129 gm
RM 18.90 /1pcs
Australia Lemnos Fruits & Nut fruits cheese 澳洲水果和干果芝士 134 gm
RM 18.90 /1pcs
Australia Lemnos Melon & Mango Fruit Cheese 澳洲蜜瓜芒果肉芝士 131 gm
RM 18.90 /1pcs
UHT Yarra Full Cream Milk 1 ltr
RM 6.80 /1pack
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