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Caviar Beluga & Siberian 30gm-The experience of tasting the unique flavour of Beluga caviar, exalting your sight with eggs of big size it is among the most exclusive and delicious gastronomic refinements.
RM 323.00 /1Tin
Caviar Oscietre 30gm -firm golden brown roe, pungent marine flavors, hints of dry fruit, delicate flavor, best served with pearl spoon
RM 410.00 /1Tin
Caviar Baeri Vintage 30gm -firm, shiny roes harmonious fruity flavors short marine finish light smokiness russian salt
RM 330.00 /1Tin
Caviar Oscietre Classic 30gm-melt in the mouth,marine flavors hints of dry fruits, long finish
RM 288.00 /1Tin
Caviar Baeri Classic 30gm-Melt in the mouth,Pungent iodized flavours,Long Finish
RM 248.00 /1Tin
Transmontanus Caviar (White Sturgeon) 30gm- Grains medium to large,dark grey,tasting notes:a touch of iodine with hints of hints of fresh walnut
RM 220.00 /1Tin
Russischer Tzar Caviar 50gm
RM 68.00 /1Tin
Trout Eggs 100gm Small-sized eggs,very crispy and creamy.They are sweeter than salmon eggs. Exquisite on canapes for cocktails or as a decoration for your dishes.
RM 90.00 /1Tin
Wild Salmon Eggs 100g From the Pacific Salmon, these eggs are large,firm and creamy
RM 118.00 /1Tin
Fresh Salmon Roe "Ikura" from Japan Hokkaido / 北海道鲑鱼卵 250gm (Pre-order)
RM 98.00 /1Box
Fresh Uni Narabi Murasaki (Air-flown from Hokkaido) / 新鲜紫海胆(北海道空运) 250gm RM420-450 *The price depends on each auction 价钱视每次拍卖场而定
RM 420.00 /1Box
Fresh Premium Uni Bafun Narabi (Air-flown from Hokkaido) / 新鲜马粪海胆(北海道空运) 100gm RM290-RM320 250gm RM550-RM590 **The price depends on each auction 价钱视每次拍卖场而定
RM 290.00 /1box
Ireland Fresh Live Oyster "Tragheanna Bay" (S Size) 爱尔兰空运新鲜活生蚝(S号) 1Dzn 12pc 50-70gm per pc (Pre-order,deliver every Fri/Sat)
RM 98.00 /1Dzn
Ireland Fresh Live Oysters "Irish Premium“ (M size) 爱尔兰空运新鲜活生蚝(M号) 1Dzn 12pc 70-90gm per pc (Pre-order, deliver every Fri&Sat)
RM 128.00 /1Dzn
Ireland Fresh Live Oysters "Gallagher's Special"(L Size) 爱尔兰空运新鲜活生蚝(L号) 1Dzn 12pc 120-150gm per pc (Pre-order Fri/Sat deliver)
RM 198.00 /1Dzn
Australia Fresh live Oyster "Sydney Rock" 澳洲空运新鲜活生蚝 1Dzn 12pc 60-70gm per pc (Pre-order,deliver every Fri/Sat)
RM 145.00 /1Dzn
France Fresh Live Oyster "Fine de Claire" 法国空运新鲜活生蚝 1Dzn 12pc (Pre-order -Deliver every Friday/Saturday)
RM 135.00 /1Dzn
France Goose Liver / Foie Gras 法国鹅肝 500gm+-
RM 518.00 /1pack (base uom)
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