Please read these Product Terms & Conditions carefully as they affect your rights and liabilities under the law and set out the terms under which Dynasty World Tours & Travels Sdn Bhd makes the products available to you ("Product Terms").

A. Prices
Please note that the prices on Online Shopping website are guide prices only and are only approximate. The total guide price shown in the Customer’s shopping trolley and order confirmation email may differ from the Customer’s final bill.

The actual price the Customer pays will be the price charged in store at the time the Customer’s order is picked for delivery. The actual order value cannot be determined until the day of delivery because the prices stated on the website may vary either above or below the prices in store on the day your order is picked and delivered.

At the time of delivery the price of certain items may differ from the price quoted on the Online Shopping website. If the value of the items delivered is higher than the value stated in the order confirmation or if the Customer considers that the difference between the price charged and the guide price shown on the Online Shopping website is unacceptable, the Customer has every right to reject the goods. The amount for the goods that are rejected shall not be charged to the Customer’s payment card, if the Customer has provided payment card details in advance in order to pay online.

When requesting goods by weight, Dynasty reserves the right to supply goods with a weight difference. However Dynasty shall make every effort to ensure the weight difference is minimal and as close to Customer’s request.

B. Availability
The availability of the goods presented on the Online Shopping website depends on stock in stores and Dynasty does not guarantee the availability of goods.

In order to ensure that goods are available to all customers, Dynasty has the right to set maximum limits in advance for the purchase of individual items by a single Customer. For example, if the Customer makes an order of 10 bottles of Truffle Sauce which would use up all the stock of that store, the store may only deliver 5 bottles.

The Customer shall always be notified in advance if the goods requested cannot be delivered by reason that it has exceeded the maximum or restricted limit.

If the goods requested by the Customer are unavailable due to factors beyond owner control, shall make every effort to offer a substitute item which is closest in terms of price and type to the originally requested item.

C. Acceptance
There will be no contract of any kind between the Customer and Dynasty unless and until Dynasty actually dispatches the goods to Customer. Customer’s order is an offer to buy from Dynasty. Nothing that Dynasty does or says will amount to any acceptance of that offer until Dynasty actually dispatches the goods to Customer. At any point up until then, Dynasty may decline to supply the goods to Customer without giving any reason. At the moment that the goods are dispatched (and not before), a contract will be made between Dynasty and Customer, and Customer will be charged for the goods.

The Online Shopping service is available for non-commercial and domestic use only. reserves the right to refuse orders from businesses or that we consider are for commercial or other non-domestic concerns.

To ensure availability of all our products customers may be limited to a maximum number of items.

D. Delivery

Delivery will be made to the address specified by Customer on the completed order form.

The Dynasty Online Shopping delivery service is available in selected areas. To check whether we deliver in your area, go to our checker to find out where we deliver.

Delivery times will be agreed with the Customer at the time of placing Customer order and booking a delivery slot.

If there is nobody qualified to receive the goods at the agreed time and place specified by the Customer, we will leave notification of attempted delivery and Customer will need to contact customer services to re-arrange delivery.

Whilst we make every effort to deliver all Customer goods in the agreed time, Dynasty will not be liable if it fails to do so in part or in full due to circumstances beyond its control.

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